Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Beached whale to gym rat...

As well as cleaning up my nutrition, training was a saviour for me over the past couple of years. Going to the gym was something to do, a way of keeping active when I could have stayed in bed feeling sorry for myself... I used it as a therapy to aid my recovery, both from illness and depression. 

The gym presented a challenge for me at first... I was so unfit, I found it hugely difficult to do anything.... As I dropped body fat and my fitness levels increased, I found I actually really enjoyed being active... I guess it was a novelty being able to move around without feeling like I was going to collapse! 

Fast forward to today... and I love training. I've mentioned before that I train in fantastic gym with great trainers and the best members... Who'd have thought that after spending years avoiding and hiding from PE & sport, that training would become one of the most important things in my life. 

I don't think I'll ever be the type of person who'll sign up for a marathon... running just isn't my thing. If it's yours, then great! Keep doing it... find something you enjoy, at least that way it's sustainable and you'll stick with it. 

Me on the other hand... I lift stuff. Simple as that.. sound boring? Hell no!

Being able to lift or squat more than you weigh is an incredible feeling. I'm constantly pushing myself to get stronger, to lift more, to perfect my technique and to beat my PRs. My personality is reflected in how I approach my training... I never give up and I constantly want more...

Why do I lift weights?? 

   1. Decrease body fat:
I want to drop body fat.. Lifting weights is the best way to lose body fat without losing muscle.

   2. Burn more calories:
Lifting weights boosts your metabolism so even after you've left the gym you're burning calories. This is because your body needs to use energy to repair muscle fibres broken down during training.

   3. Nutrition
It helps my nutrition. Seriously... training is really hard, I'm not going to undo all my hard work by eating crap! 

   4. Makes me happy.
It lifts my mood. I find training an excellent way to de-stress. 

   5. Bone health
As you age, your bone density decreases. Strength training is an excellent way to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. I've had a lot of treatment which puts my at high risk of osteoporosis so anything I can do to lower that risk is a bonus.

  6. To look better.. 
And you know what? It's working! I'm thrilled with the results I'm seeing... and that's down to good nutrition and working on getting really strong. 

I get asked all the time 'Are you a body builder now?'.... drives me crazy! No I'm not going to end up looking like Jodie Marsh before a competition! Female body builders eat, train and take supplements specifically to look like that! That's not how most women train... I train for overall health and to look better.

If women lift heavy & eat a caloric deficit then your muscles will get stronger and denser. This results in your body burning the fat which is hiding all that muscle... NOW you have those "toned" arms and legs you're always chasing! Simple! You're not getting bigger, you're not getting bulky, you won't grow a giant penis or beard... it simply doesn't happen!

All the women I train with look fantastic and are seeing incredible results.

   7. Overall health...
For me, this is a huge one. Some consider the amount & type of training I do to be "reckless". It actually makes me laugh when I hear that from medical "experts". If they had their way, I'd rest all the time, sit around eating wheat and sugar, get fat (again) and die.

Over simplistic? I don't think so. I've been really sick. We've been over this... eating from the food pyramid is just not an option...

I will continue to eat real food & to train really hard to boost my immune system and live the best life I possibly can. I'm pretty sure there will never be evidence which shows eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle will speed up the progression of any degenerative auto-immune disease..

If I seem a little OTT at times about nutrition & training... it's probably because I am, but to be fair I have pretty good reason!

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